Iranian Auditing and Inspection Society

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Audit and Inspection Society of Iran (AISI) was established in 2002 by a group of forerunners in inspection Industry with the aim of systematizing inspections in Iran in order to improve the level of inspection, audit and issuing of various certificates in the fields of management, product and related activities.

Membership in AISI requires the necessary capabilities in the inspection profession. In the first, the establishment was formed with a few companies of this society, and in 2006, with growth of 30 members, and now in 1399, more than 150 active companies are members of AISI.

AISI as the representative and guild of these companies, has accompanied the Iran National Standard Organization (INSO) in performing its duties.

In addition, AISI is actively involved in the committees and commissions set up by INSO for Competency and Performance Monitoring of Inspection Companies.

Membership in Appraisal Committee of INSO to participate in the process of certifying the qualification of the performance of inspection companies as well as monitoring their performance is one of the most important committees in which the AISI participates.

In order to improve the quality of inspection culture, plans are being made to improve the level of inspection in interaction and meeting with other organizations such as INSO, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Oil, Ports and Maritime Organization, and so on.

Training courses to improve the level of knowledge of inspectors in various fields and negotiate with international organizations related to inspection quality to improving international activities, holding training seminars to study problems related to import and export inspection, are other activities of AISI.

AISI do his best seriously with high effort in the above cases to promote the inspection industry and improve the quality of Goods, imported and exported products in order to participate in improvement of the living standards of Iranians.


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